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Congratulations, you just received an offer to work at the newest tech company in SF. Re-check your job offer. Make sure it says San Francisco. If it says San Jose, Mountain View, or Oakland you’re looking about 1 hour away from SF.

If you’re thinking about moving to the west coast, or perhaps north (looking at all of you from OC/LA/SD) here are 4 things you should know when moving to San Francisco.

I’ll list some things I wish someone had told me before I made the move.

  1. Housing: You just signed a lease for a 116 year old building.

This past year has changed life as we knew it pre pandemic. Globally, we’ve learned and adapted to new terms along the way including what it meant to do the following: ‘shelter in place’, ‘quarantine’ , ‘wearing a mask’, and ‘standing 6ft apart’.

While the bay area remains known for its extreme housing prices, there’s been headlines stating there was an exodus of those leaving for Texas and other states. Did this happen? Was this true?

I’ll write out notable changes from my experience. For context, I’ve lived in the bay area for over 10 years. I am in my…

Hapa Jane

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